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Thursday, October 6, 2016

When things get weird

I've never in my life taken so many pictures of myself! I'm finding it necessary though to keep track of the changes that are constantly happening to my body. Besides, they're cheap entertainment. To me anyway! 😉

My eyebrows are thinning considerably now. My eyelashes too. I had to stop wearing mascara last week since it clumps together what little I have left and it looks like there's only 3 lashes. Plus more fall out when I take it off at night. No need to help them along.

Oddly enough, I'm getting peach fuzz AND stubble on my scalp. My sister says that just shows how stubborn I am. My hair keeps trying to grow even as it's falling out! I'm still waiting for my leg hairs to fall out so I can stop shaving. No such luck as of yet. 😂 But look at all those freckles! I've never had those before. 

My fingernails have a unique ombre look to them. I call them my chemo meters. I'm guessing the color will change all the way to the tips by the time I'm done with chemo. That's about the rate they've been changing. 

All this is just one big game of the chemo wheel of fortune. Each week I spin to see what new side effect will pop up! 

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