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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The High Cost of Quality Care

If you've been reading my posts this month, you know that I'm asking you all to pray whenever you see PINK. 💗 I promise you will see it just about everywhere you go this month, with corporate promises of a portion of your purchases going towards breast cancer research. You already know that my promise will play out ad nauseum. As far as those corporate promises...well, I urge you to just make sure they're following through on that and not just jumping on a marketing bandwagon.

Speaking of dollars, my bank just called. The $600 check I wrote last week to pay my amazing integrative doctor had come in for processing. My cancer fighting fund was $25 short. Knowing the importance of paying this out, my bank called me rather than bouncing the check. The reality is I'm out of money for the treatment I'm receiving. I need your help. This is the only doctor that is willing to customize my care to my body, my cancer, my wellness and recovery. She is not covered by my insurance.

Tomorrow I go in for my 8th round of chemo. That leaves 8 more. I'll be halfway done!! I'm supposed to follow chemo with another session in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. That's another $100. Times 9. And that's just one example. I have to see my dentist next week, per my oncologist's orders, but don't have coverage for that. $$$$$

Please please please, if you're thinking about buying that cute pink mug at your local coffee shop, or that pink shirt to support breast cancer survivors like me, please consider donating directly to my cancer battle instead. 100% of it goes directly into my account for treatments like these.

So here you go ➡💗⬅ a little pink reminder for you. It's time to pray.

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