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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Diet and Nutrition

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  -Hippocrates

I am a firm believer in the value of a healthy diet. What you eat can bring healing to a broken body or it can break a healthy one.

Rewind a several years-
After years of chronic pain, fatigue, and several auto immune disorders, I gave up on my conventional doctors that only wanted to offer me more pharmaceuticals. It got to the point that I couldn't tell the difference between the original symptoms and the side effects from the many medications they'd prescribed. I had my doctor wean me slowly off of everything while I made a plan I could commit to. I'd been doing my research and taking notes, slowly implementing changes along the way. It was time to commit to it 100% and I did.  I was not digesting the good healthy food I was eating and was malnourished (my doctor's words) and morbidly obese (also my doctor's words). Time for change.
Gradually my body healed. And it started in my gut.

Earlier this year-
I was in the best health of all my adult years when I received my cancer diagnosis in May. I was exercising regularly, eating well, and pain free 95% of the time. I was building my business and thriving, doing what I love.
When I heard "cancer", it didn't take long to look again to what I needed to do to bring healing. I did more research, this time looking specifically for cancer-fighting information. I got connected with doctors who would support and advise me on this road. They've been essential to helping me sort through the "factory-produced" one-size-fits-all care offered through conventional medicine. I already knew that was not for me.

And now-
My diet is focused on getting the nutrients my body needs in with every bite. This does include supplements and vitamins. Intermittent fasting has been an important part of my treatment, as well as fasting going into chemo.
Take a look:
On Monday, my first meal of the day (midmorning) is fresh organic veggies that I've juiced myself and thrown in the blender with frozen berries, half an avocado, vitamin C crystals, and collagen. This smoothie washes down a handful of vitamins and supplements (vitamin D3, turmeric, and more) plus one medication. Dinner consists of more veggies, usually a salad, and a small portion of "clean" meat.   I have a few more supplements (immune system booster, melatonin, selenium, etc.) I take at night and a second dose of my medication. I avoid dairy and most grains right now. No sugar, only low glycemic fruits and veggies. My carbs are kept to a minimum. Trust me, there's science behind this. Want to know more? Just ask me😊
Tuesday, the day before I go into chemo, my integrative oncologist now has me going into ketosis. (Previously, I was in a full fast for 36+ hours, leading up to and going into chemo.) I still don't eat till midmorning, as part of my intermittent fast (13-14 hours starting the night before), but this time I have less protein and more healthy fats. No juicing on Tuesday. Dinner is ketogenic and light.
Wednesday is chemo day. I don't eat anything till my ketogenic dinner (like Tuesday's meals). I like this better than when I didn't eat at all on chemo days!
Thu-Sun look just like Monday.

Oh, and my doc says I can drink my coffee. Bless her!!

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