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Friday, October 28, 2016

Don't stop dreaming, praying, living

A week ago I shared a bit of my dreams with you all and asked you to join me in prayer. I had been praying for almost a year to find a perfect location for an art studio, the right price, lease conditions, and more. With my cancer diagnosis, I knew I need to focus on that but with the end of treatment in sight, I've been looking, searching for that perfect one. I felt confident that God would let me know when I'd found it, if that be his will for me, but I had no idea how quickly it would all come together!!

I made a special announcement on my business page today. I even got all dressed up for it. I'll be finishing chemo on Nov 30th and opening my art studio in December!! I'm so excited! I've got my keys and I'm watching God work miracles as all the pieces come together even better than I could have hoped.

Don't ever stop dreaming. Keep praying and trusting the Lord. Leave your future in his hands and LIVE in full glory of the love he pours out on you. EVERY DAY. He hears your prayers. He knows the desires of your heart. And he loves you💗

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