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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful [Nov 16, 17]

49. I'm THANKFUL that today we got news that my health insurance has been approved and I will NOT lose coverage. Thank you all for your prayers!!

50. I'm THANKFUL that my husband loves his job. And it shows 😆

51. I'm THANKFUL that I was able to take my son to the dermatologist yesterday, even though he's not improving. Please keep praying. The doctor upped his dose of steroids for tomorrow morning and will be calling later in the day to see how he's doing. At least the rash is not spreading.

52. I'm THANKFUL I was able to take my older son to the doctor today. That it was all good news and another referral.

53. I'm THANKFUL that my studio is almost ready for Saturday's class. I'm so excited!

54. I'm THANKFUL for surprises, like my mom folding our laundry while she stayed with my son. I was afraid to leave him home alone with that rash while I went to chemo. And then she did some mama-shopping for me and picked up the pants my kids needed. I hate shopping. She loves it. Win win.

55. I'm THANKFUL for HAIR. I have almost lost all my eyebrows and eyelashes but I already have stubble pushing through. And my covered in hair. WHITE hair. So weird.

56. I'm THANKFUL for the one donation that came in today. And the one party that was booked. I know God has us covered even if I'm not sure how.

Do you see the black dots in the outer corner of my eye? New lashes!!
My fuzzy head. And one remaining eyelash. 
Protection in the doctor's office. Waiting rooms are scary places for chemo patients. 

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