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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chemo update

It's now 5 am as I write this. I've been awake since 2:45. Total sleep? About 3.5 hours. Just less than my post chemo norm.

Yesterday I resumed chemo. Round 13. I have 2 more to go and will not be making up the one I missed last week. I discussed this with my oncologist on Tuesday. I told her that for several months I have had November 30th on my calendar as my last round of chemo and I *needed* that to stay there. I also told her that I firmly believe that God can heal me whether I complete 16 rounds or 6...or none at all. Whether he does or not is up to him and I trust his plan. (Hello! Healed or heaven? Both sound good to me!) She agreed to just continue as planned. I will be done with chemo in 13 days. THANKFUL#44

Round 13 went well. There was another slight reduction to my dose. I started at 160ml of taxol. The first reduction brought it down 25% to 120ml. Yesterday's was 110ml. Still monitoring my headaches and hoping this helps. They eased with the break last week but they are back now along with the fuzzy brain. I was struggling with words yesterday. It's so frustrating. Chemo is a beast!

I'm working hard on getting my art studio ready for my first class this weekend. Trusting the Lord for the energy and that he will bring so he wants to come. I only need to show up and be ready and willing to share the gifts he has given.

The break with no chemo last week allowed me to enjoy visiting with 2 of my childhood girlfriends without my chemo crash. THANKFUL#45 Then my son broke out with a terrible rash all over his face and arms. Poor guy can't see, his eyes are swollen shot shut, but we're hopeful the steroids he's on will help him quickly. I'm glad I was able to take care of him ❤ THANKFUL#46

I'm sure you're all tired of hearing our needs but I need to share it in hopes someone feels that tug in their heart to help. So many of them are financial burdens we can't get around while fighting this beast. So many cancer fighters end up bankrupt or heavily in debt because of all the costs insurance doesn't cover. Nevermind the normal day to day expenses to cover despite a drop in your income while you're in treatment and recovery:

We had to put new tires on my car recently when they started slipping in the rain. Now my son needs a new bed. Anyone have a futon in good condition they want to get rid of?

All 3 of my guys have been rushed to the doctor or emergency room in the last month. All 3 are feeling the physical effects of stress and anxiety. This means making some changes and learning to say yes more often to enjoyable activities with friends and family, and no to activities that take more time and energy than we truly have to offer right now. I'm praying for 2017 to be a year of good health for my whole family!

My medical funds have dropped low again with the extra visit to my integrative oncologist last week. I'll see her again in December after I finish chemo. I'm concerned about the 10+ years of hormone blockers the other doctors want me on following chemo. This might mean finding another specialist experienced with supporting my immune system and overall health, especially if I'm to keep any rogue cancer cells from waking up again. This isn't over yet.

How to help right now:
PRAYER SUPPORT - That need will always be there but especially right now as our family seems to be under constant attack. 
FINANCIAL SUPPORT comes in a variety of ways - Come check out my business, take a class, book a private party, or buy a painting. If you'd rather give directly, cash and gift card donations are great and give us flexibility to apply the funds where their needed most. For convenience, we've set up a fee-free account where even the smallest donations count.
MEALS & HOUSEWORK - We are actually doing pretty well in these areas at the moment. THANKFUL#47 We've had a few friends ask if they could have us over for dinner instead of bringing one to us. YES! We love that idea. So long as I'm feeling well and no one is sick. We miss the fellowship with other families. You can still do that through the meal website or giving us a call. Oh, and I finally qualified for much-needed housekeeping help through an organization I learned about through the American Cancer Society. I'll get a couple free cleanings while I'm in treatment. Yay for a clean house!! THANKFUL#48

An hour later, and it's after 6 am. Gonna be a long day....

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