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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful [Nov 10]

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

Again I am THANKFUL for so much that happened in just one day.

26. I'm THANKFUL for the quick scheduling of today's MRI by my integrative oncologist.

27. I'm even more THANKFUL that the scans came back with no abnormalities. My neck is clear! One more thing NOT causing my headaches.

I'll see my doctor on Tuesday to see what she has in mind for the last few weeks of chemo. From what I'm hearing, I think she'll be reducing my chemo dosage again next Wednesday. I suspect she'll also want to add this week's missed dose on to the end, pushing my final round into December. I'm praying that's not the case. All I can do for now is pray and wait patiently.

28. I'm THANKFUL for today's photography session. My mom and I drove out to the Grants Pass studio armed with borrowed dresses and a few of my own pieces. The makeup artist worked her magic and gave me back my eyebrows and eyelashes, if only for the day. Then the photographer got to work and I can't wait to see the shots she got!

29. I'm THANKFUL for the time spent with my mom today ❤ She's been here 3 months now but almost all of our time together has been spent in doctor's offices. Today was fun and special.

30. I came home all dolled up so we decided am impromptu date night was in order. I'm THANKFUL that my husband and I can "just have tacos" and be satisfied with the time spent together. Nothing fancy needed.

31. I have only a few eyelashes and eye brow hairs remaining BUT I'm THANKFUL to discover eyelash stubble growing against the odds! That's just one more thing my doctor can't explain because "it's unheard of". #justspecial

Tomorrow I see my surgeon to investigate the pain and swelling in my chest along my mastectomy scar lines. The ct scans I had in the ER on Tuesday show some kind of fluid. Now to figure out what's going on in there and if anything needs to be done. Prayers are appreciated.

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