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Friday, November 11, 2011

Straight-faced Circle Time

I really do try to be serious when necessary, but I will admit, there are times when I just HAVE to laugh…or it’ll burst out of me!

The ladies of my small church were invited to gather tonight for a time of crafting and getting to know one another. I had (foolishly?) assumed that we would just kind of “land” wherever when the time came to get settled, probably depending on who we were talking to when that moment came. I was wrong. Instead, we joined together for prayer (yay!), vision, and Straight-faced Circle Time.

I mean no disrespect…I loved the purpose and intentions motivating this activity. To build relationships, to foster community, to possibly get to know someone new. But while we were in Straight-faced Circle Time (sorry, I had to say it again!), we were each asked to write down on a slip of paper an “I wish…” statement in regards to our church. General or personal, it didn’t matter because these slips of paper were to be anonymously read to the group in hopes of prayer and possible action.


What if I wrote “I wish I could tell who my REAL friends are-not just on Sunday, but the rest of the week too." Or some other embarrassing statement??? I’m a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. My face reads like an open book. Sitting in a circle with a dozen women who I’ll see every week…what if my face gives away which one was mine??

So, I crack jokes. I can’t keep it inside. I need an excuse to laugh…or the little girl in me might just cry with anxiety.

Ha ha…now I’m the only one laughing…even more embarrassing! So, I laugh at myself…solo. Now I just sound like I’ve had too much caffeine!

Straight-face Circle time was productive and everything turned out just wonderful. I don’t think anyone figured out which one was mine (or so I’ll be telling myself!) so I guess my anonymity remains intact. I’m just thankful I can laugh at my self…or by myself!

My Autumn Blessing #63…

…I can laugh at my own jokes, even when nobody else does. And then I can laugh at myself!

Thank You, Father God, for giving me a sense of humor. Please, please, please help me to control my mouth when my laughter (regardless of how nervous I am) is inappropriate.

Thank you for a beautiful, unique time of fellowship. Thank you for the smiles and the tears, the laughter and the joy. Bless each of those that came and those that couldn’t, as well.

Lastly, LORD, thank you that laughter is good medicine. And a smile, hug or laugh shared with a friend is twice as good!

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