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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How Great is Our God!

How Great is Our God….Well, let me tell you!

In trying to stick to a budget, we bought our November groceries a few weeks back and, even though we had figured Thanksgiving into our budget, when it came time to shop, we had enough money for everything but the turkey.

“We can't have Thanksgiving
without a turkey!”

I told my family to just wait patiently and see if the Lord would provide one, but that we should chose to be thankful regardless.

With the big day getting close, we were all kind of sad that we had no one to celebrate with turkey. A chicken would have to do and since it was just the 4 of us, it would be plenty. *sigh*

On Sunday, after church, one of the other wives was asking what each of us was making for Thanksgiving dinner. I told her ours would be simple, that we had everything but the turkey -literally- but that God's provision is perfect and complete.

Would you believe she gave us her turkey?

They were thawing a bird they didn't have room for in their fridge, but they didn't need it since they were eating at their inlaws’.

God's provision IS perfect and complete! And now we also have company coming for dinner :)

My Autumn Blessing #71…

…God’s perfect provision in the form of a turkey. ☺

LORD, how can we ever doubt you?? Thank you for your Perfect and Complete Provision! My heart is swollen with thankfulness and love for You, Father God. Your loving blessings are poured out on us, even when we don’t deserve it. Your Grace covers us, Your Mercy astounds us. Thank you…thank you…

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  1. tika,
    this resonates! it is overwhelming to experience the specific, perfect, loving provision of our Father. His love is so amazing! thanks for sharing.