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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shades of Gray

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the drastic variations of the colors all around me. Everywhere I look, from the vibrant colors of the leaves to the heavy rainclouds in shades of gray, all Creation is God’s canvas. I ♥ His work!

I was blessed with a good, productive morning followed by a peaceful afternoon with my children. This evening I was able to visit for a bit with two dear friends and one had pointed out how beautiful the gray skies were today. I don’t normal find gray often leads to (feeling) blue! But today, when I looked up, the sky was AMAZING.
There were so many different levels of clouds, all in their own shades of gray. And there, in the midst of all that gray, bursting through, was the beautiful sun.

Sometimes life’s like that. This fallen world we live in, full of sin, pain, illness, hurts…so many shades of gray. And right in the middle of it all, bursting through, shines the Beautiful Son.

My Autumn Blessing #61…

…the vibrant colors all around me. The changing leaves on the trees remind me of how different each of us are, how beautiful, how unique. Oh! I am so thankful!


…gray clouds. To remind me of just how bright the sun is, persistent to do what God created it to do. To shine!

LORD of all Creation, Thank you so much for the love letters you sent to us through your Creation, if only we would open our eyes to see! I am amazed at how different each of us can be- How You created each of us to be-  yet essentially we are much the same…and You know each of us by name. Thank You, LORD.

Thank you for blessing me with gray skies so that I can see your Son shine through. Thank you for the time with friends…Bless them, LORD, as they have blessed me.

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