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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Treasure Hunting

“You’ll find what you want to find, if you look hard enough.”
Sneaking away this morning to have coffee with ‘my girls’ was the perfect start to my day. Sharing Thanksgiving stories, victories and struggles, family dynamics…all come tumbling out onto the table, like a giant collective EXHALE. *sigh*
While discussing the difficulties of being critiqued (and sometimes judged) by well-meaning family members, one friend stated that “You’ll find what you want to find, if you look hard enough.”  Hmmm…really??
At first I didn’t agree…Do I do that? Do I just wait (like a predator) for that one relative  who always gets under my skin (my chosen prey) to just rub me the wrong way so I can say “See what I mean?! He’s impossible!!” (ATTACK!!!) or does that friction just exist and sparks are sure to fly, no matter what?
But, my God is so good…He got me thinking about this in a positive way, a godly way…What if I choose to find the GOOD in people? What if I look for the person God sees? What if I hunt for the treasures this one person…this beautiful, created-by-God individual…holds, until I find it?
A pretty big “what if?”
What if I looked for the blessings in every circumstance? …in every person? …in all Creation?

My Autumn Blessing #74...
...godly friends who challenge me to think.

Father God, Thank you so much for these beautiful women you have placed in my life that challenge my thinking. I know Your Hand is at work here! The big “what if” can be answered by the Great I AM. To see others as You see them, to love them, to treasure them…for Your Glory, LORD. Thank you also for the challenging people you place in my life that keep me focused on Your Beauty in all Creation, seeking You through it all. You are my Treasure, LORD! ♥
Treasure Hunting for the Kingdom of God…
what if we all looked at life this way…

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