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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The cost of cancer

I was diagnosed with invasive carcinoma 34 days ago. Breast cancer. I will have a double mastectomy in 6 days. (Do the math: it feels like 40 days in the wildness.)

Prior to my diagnosis, I was self- employed, running my own business, working part time to supplement my husband's income. Before my business got up and rolling, we were receiving food from the local pantry to make sure our family was taken care of. We do not have fancy cars. We live in a small home with minor extra expenses, but our income was tight.

In the last month, my husband has missed work to be with me at my doctor appointments. As an hourly employee, this means his modest paychecks have taken a hit. Additionally, the business he works for is slower than normal and his days have been cut short a few times, making his income even smaller. And now I won't be working at all for awhile.

Meanwhile, it costs money to fight cancer.  Thankfully, we have medical insurance, but it does not cover the cost of buying new clothes for after surgery. It doesn't cover gas to get to and from my appointments. It doesn't cover the cost of having to buy different foods, clothing as my body changes, or extra supplies. My insurance does cover surgery and doctor visits, plus a whole bunch of poisonous chemicals to put into my body to kill my cancer cells...and my health ones too.

That goes against every bit of change I've made to my lifestyle in the last several years to bring healing to my hurting body. I am no longer in pain daily. Thank you, Lord! My fibromyalgia symptoms are well managed. And I have not taken ANY medications in years. I do not drink, I exercise regularly, and I eat a healthy diet. The thought of pouring those toxins into my veins makes me worry about how long it will really take to heal from cancer. And if I'll really be free from it. There has to be a better way!

I've done so much research this past month and am continuing to see that there are other options, or complementary treatments that can make a huge difference in my outcome. But only if I can afford it.

This all adds up. We're asking you to prayerfully consider helping in any way you can.

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