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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

One week

In one week I will be packing a bag for the hospital and getting ready for bed. I imagine sleep will not come's been hard to get a solid night's sleep all this past week. If only I could turn my brain many details to take care of, research material churning, questions...always questions. I feel peace about my decision to have this surgery. It's what comes after surgery that I'm unsure of. Please pray...

I am doing all I can to fight the cancer cells from growing in my body. I do not accept that surgery, chemo, and radiation are a required part of this journey. I do believe the surgery makes sense, yet I feel that by taking extreme measures now might spare me others later. There are unconventional measure that I can, and am, taking to fight the growth of cancer cells, both now and for future. My hope is that next week's surgery gets all of it and that it has not spread to my lymph nodes. In the mean time, I am taking a holistic approach to fighting this beast. (Some of you saw me refer this is as my own "jabberwocky". If you don't know what that means, it's okay.) I am eating a very strict diet and intermittently fasting, exercising regularly, trying to reduce stress, resting whenever possible, and PRAYING. This is MY health. It is precious and I will fight for it!
We are so thankful for all the family and friends that have checked in with us this week. We have discovered some didn't realized I'd been diagnosed with cancer. Others knew but didn't know we'd posted info on how to help, meals, financial donations, etc. (Find that info HERE.) I guess it was time for an update :)
I'm taking Ryan to a counseling appointment to register for classes at the local community college this fall. He had planned to take a class this summer, but there's too much going on to add that right now. He plans to volunteer to serve as a STM (short term missionary) for Joni and Friends Family Retreat for 2 weeks in August. He'll start fundraising soon for that or come up with some ideas on how to raise the month for his expenses. I'm proud of this kid. This is just proof that life goes on, with or without cancer. The laundry and dishes still pile up too. Imagine that! ;)
We're all adjusting to the idea that our plans have changed. I've contacted the necessary people for work, letting them know I will not be able to commit at this point. God willing, I'll be back soon.

Praise Reports: 
So many answered prayers this week! Thank you all that have prayed and especially those that played a part in it. We have a recliner being delivered this week by a friend that no longer has room for 2. A juicer was given to me by a friend that no longer uses hers. Another friend just bought a new freezer and is giving us her old one. (We still need to arrange for pickup, but it's looking like it won't be available til after my surgery.) We got notice of a donation that will be added to our account regularly as we go through this journey. And my biggest praise this week is for God's provision of a night away with Charlie. We were able to spend a night nearby in Jacksonville, thanks to dear friends that come to stay with the boys last night. Yay! Thank you, Lord!

Prayer Requests:
Please continue to pray for Charlie and the boys. The boys seem to be handling things well right now, but I don't know if that will change as we get closer to surgery. Charlie is amazing, he takes on so much, yet there are moments when the fear and frustration break through. All normal, yet so trying...

Please continue to pray for my healing. I know that the God who made me is the same one that can heal me, if that be his will. I am praying for total and complete healing even as I am preparing for surgery and recovery. It's not from lack of faith that I make these plans, but in acceptance that God is in control, not me. I only ask his will to be done.
Please pray for wisdom and steady hands for my surgical team.
Please pray for my dad and stepmom. Their waiting time is even longer for my dad's surgery for colon cancer. Also include my sister and brother and their families. As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family.
Please pray for the following needs to be met, in one way or another-

Air mattress, any size, to borrow (or even a small camp trailer to be parked in our driveway for a week) for my post-surgery caretaker while Charlie's at work. PRAYERS ANSWERED
Friends willing and able to bring meals following my surgery.
More ideas on how to help are here.

Last of all, if you are able to donate and help with our financial expenses, please go to

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