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Saturday, June 11, 2016

And 1

Tomorrow is the day. My bag is packed, our house is ready, and everything that could be done in advance has been done.

On Thursday, I went to see the integrative oncologist in Ashland. It was a long and thorough visit and at $500/hr, it was worth every dime. The reality of medical debt is real...and painful. This doctor will basically be customizing my treatment plan to my body and my particular cancer. She went over the dietary and lifestyle changes I'd made since diagnosis and reviewed what I'd been doing previous to that. She approved everything and made a few tweaks of her own. I'm very pleased to have coffee back. My exercise plan will be changing, no more swimming, and I'll be looking for walking buddies. Inquire within. No "one size fits all" plan here. She did a full physical and had ordered extra labs and scans to do this. On Friday, 50 minutes before my scans, my insurance denied the pre authorization of the scans, so we'll move forward without that. No time to fight it, the tumor must come out asap. Some of my labs came back quickly and the doctor called to talk about abnormal red blood cells. "Something is going on here, but let's just keep an eye on this and focus on getting you through surgery right now." Stress management in full effect.

Praise reports:
We are so thankful for the friends that delivered my new-to-me recliner and the one that drive Charlie out to pick up the freezer (earlier than expected, yay!). We are also thankful for the friends that delivered a tent trailer to our driveway for my sister-in-law to sleep in while she's here to take care of me and my family. Thank you all! Such a huge answer to prayer. Thank you, Lord!
My last day of work was a total success. Sold out to an extra large group of 26. So much love showered on me that night. Thank you! I'll miss this so much...
We're thankful for the few donations that have trickled in this week. Every little bit helps and is an answer to our prayers. If you'd like to help with that too, our donation page is here.
Thank you to all that have signed up to bring meals the next 2 weeks as I'm recovering from surgery. This takes a huge burden off of my family and allows me to focus on healing and resting. A sign up list for the weeks to follow can be found here. (Password is SUMMER.)

Prayer requests:
Our Durango is down AGAIN. Another car repair expense is the last thing we need right now, but that's life and life goes on. As long as I get to the hospital on time tomorrow, that's what's important. Please pray the repair is simple, fast, and cheap.
On top of that, our washing machine decided it doesn't want to work properly either. People, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! I'm trying not to pick up that burden of stress, but this makes it difficult to clean for when I come home from surgery. Please pray this is also an easy fix.
Please pray for my sister-in-law's safe travels on Tuesday as she drives down from Portland.
Please pray for donations to be made to help cover the days this week that Charlie will be at the hospital with me.
Please pray for God's peace in our home and in our minds as we head into surgery.
Pray for my surgeon and his team.

Thank you all ❤
Charlie will give an update tomorrow after surgery.

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  1. Will be praying! What's the issue with the Durango? -Dale