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Friday, June 17, 2016

Home again and healing

It's hard to put into words what I am feeling right now, but I wanted to give a little update.

Physically, I am sore and tired, but not nearly as much as I'd anticipated. It's strange to think my surgery was only a couple days ago, yet I've been up and mobile since the day after. Thankful... Other than the reaction to the adhesive on my bandages, there have been no problems. Even that is healing now too, no more blistering.

Mentally and emotionally, I am well. Overwhelmed by the whole idea of battling cancer, but so thankful I don't have to do more than rest right now. I have time to study and weigh my options and more importantly, to pray. I've been asked if I'm grieving or allowing this all to sink in...I am fully aware of the magnitude of all this, yet I am content to trust God's plan for me. That does not mean I'm sitting here doing nothing.

I have learned this week that doctors and nurses are not created equal. I had some angels caring for me this week, as well as a few I hope to never enter my room again. I also learned that they really don't like when you opt not to take your meds, regardless of the reason. This made coming home yesterday that much sweeter. While I appreciate their medical knowledge, I believe that there are effective natural methods for pain relief and healing. If ice packs and arnica are working for me, I should not be pressured to take narcotics. To each their own...

That leads me to the following-
If you personally have had cancer, would you mind sharing with me? I have a few questions in particular, email me if you don't mind at
What kind of cancer did you have?
When were you diagnosed?
What did your treatment entail?
How long have you been cancer-free?
Anything else you'd like to share our things you wished you'd done differently?

Thank you!

For those that have asked about my diagnosis, I have included an image to help explain. I have been diagnosed with invasive carcinoma with ductal and lobular features in my right breast with probable spreading to my axillary lymph nodes. What does this mean? Well, it's like this-
Invasive means it's not contained to just one area of my breast.
Carcinoma is cancer.
With ductal and lobular features means that the cancer cells are present in both my milk ducts and in the surrounding lobes.
My tumor was approximately 1 inch in diameter and there was no sign of it in June 2015 when I had a routine mammogram. 6 months later, it was large enough to feel through my clothing. Check yourself, ladies! Due to the size of my tumor and rate of growth, the second smaller one they found in my MRI and suspicious lymph nodes, and family history, I opted to have both breasts removed rather than a conservative lumpectomy. My age also played into this decision since my tumor is estrogen and progesterone receptor positive (these hormones make my cancer grow) and I'm not yet in menopause. This was the easier decision to make, though drastic.
The next step is the hard part...

And the part that will hit us hardest financially. 

Again, all donations are appreciated ❤ 


  1. Hi Tika, my name is Bernadette Fernandez and a mutual friend of ours told me about what you are going through and asked me to get in touch with you. A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 appendix cancer, very rare and very difficult to treat conventionally. I prayed God to lead me on what to do and He was very faithful. Would you like to talk? I can't find your contact information. My email is I'd love to encourage you. I've learned so much on this cancer journey and really, not to fear it. God created our bodies to heal. I did not do chemo or radiation, by the way. God bless you. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Thank you for reaching out and for sharing, Bernadette ♥

    2. Thank you for reaching out and for sharing, Bernadette ♥