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Friday, January 3, 2014


One thing I have learned this past year, a year I am so thankful has come to a close, is that I fail repeatedly to truly appreciate all that God has given me, done for me, and saved me from if I don't view it against the contrast of pain, loss, and failure.This is what it means to me that Jesus is the Light of the world. This world is DARK. I need Him to light my path EVERY day, in EVERY way.

Last week, I started thinking that I needed to fine-tune a few things. I mentioned here a few goals, or resolutions if you will, that I have set for myself, but I needed to make it even simpler than that. And then I read this from The Better Mom, I decided I needed just one word.


That's my word for the year. And here's what it means for A Blessed Season:

To seek God with PURPOSE.
To take care of my family with PURPOSE.
To take care of myself with PURPOSE.
To count my blessings with PURPOSE.
To write and share with PURPOSE.

Starting next week, I hope to bring you a little something special each day. From an encouraging word to some of my homeschool endeavors. Since I aim to spend more time this year creating beautiful things to share with others, I'll share my latest projects with you and I may just throw a tutorial or two in there! And since I spend so much time in the kitchen, I better share some recipes with you foodies out there and other household tips I've found useful in my own home.

That's just a little glimpse of what I'm hoping to do this year. I look forward to hearing how you are making changes for this new year!

Oh, and before I forget, here's my 3 gifts for today:

3 Graces Overheard
#7 my husband's encouragement as I learn to play guitar
#8 my sister's reassurance and constant
#9 a song on the radio


  1. We have a program at our church that meets every other Saturday during the winter months (usually January through April or so), completely casual. We call it Chord Praise and it's people who want to learn to play the guitar, getting together in a group, playing praise songs and singing. It's SO much fun. You should come! It's starting back up tomorrow afternoon, but I won't be there because of a wedding. Want me to let you know about the next one??

  2. That's awesome! I'm taking lessons with my boys, but of course they're catching on waaaay quicker than I am :/ Let me know of a future date and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the offer!