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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tomorrow: chemo

I've spent the last few days getting ready for chemo. Tests, results, appointments, errands, prayer.

Thanks to those of you that sent me a "cup of coffee", flowers, notes, and texts this week. Thanks also to those that have brought meals and given rides to me and my boys. So many blessings...

There's been lots of curiosity expressed for my treatment plan. Many of you know I'm seeing an integrative oncologist. She's AMAZING and creating a customized plan for me, for my specific cancer, and with my tendency towards natural, holistic healing in mind.  She has been responsible for running tests my other doctors won't ask for and will continue to advise me through chemo. I will also be seeing a naturopath later this month.

Under my integrative oncologist's advisement, I will be fasting through my chemo infusions. (Up til now, I've been intermittently fasting 12-14 hours between dinner and my next meal.) Today, I had a filling breakfast, high in protein and healthy fats and satisfying. Lunch was my usually veggie juice (minus supplements today). Dinner was a small plate of lettuce and blueberries. The idea is that my body (and my cells, both healthy and cancerous) will be expecting a big breakfast again tomorrow. Instead, it will get a dose of chemotherapy to feast on. This fast should also help with my nausea. I'm hopeful that the side effects will be minimal, but only time will tell.

Up till now, I've also been directed to get a minimum of 20-30 minutes in the sunshine, taking in that vitamin d, exposing as much skin as I'm comfortable with in my own back yard 😉 That'll change now. Some of the drugs I'll be on will make me sensitive to the sun. I'll still be spending time outdoors, only now it'll be in the shade.

Please pray for my family. It's been a joy to have my sister here this week helping us prepare, but the truth is there's only so much we can really do. We still have to walk through this valley. I still have cancer. There's still a battle to fight. I'm clinging to the Lord and praying for his peace.

Chemo starts tomorrow morning. Time for some sleep.


  1. Will continue to pray for you all.

    Danny Gutfeld

  2. Christ concurs all, continue to pray for you all.