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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Thank you all for your love, patience, and prayers. This has been a very emotional day for me. My guys were awesome and took me to see Alice Through the Looking Glass tonight to get my mind off the heavy stuff. They're the best and the movie was the perfect distraction.
Updates and decisions:
Today I saw the plastic surgeon to discuss my options for reconstruction. Thankfully Charlie was able to go with me.  The plastic surgeon was very thorough and patiently answered all of our questions. I feel confident in our decision to do the double mastectomy now and reconstruction later. When we take into consideration my current health (good) and fibromyalgia (thankfully well managed now), I think it would be best to focus on getting the cancer out of my body asap and HEAL before adding additional risks and stress to my body. Then, when I'm ready, I'll start the reconstructive process.
Based on what my general surgeon said last week (the one who will do the mastectomy), he can get me in within a week's time. I'll be calling him tomorrow and hoping to schedule surgery for sometime in the next 2 weeks. I keep getting twinges and achiness in my breasts (both), similar to the fullness and tenderness of when I was nursing my babies. I'm concerned with the growth rate of these tumors and just want them out.
For those of you that have asked about bringing meals (thank you!), I have a friend that has offered to set this up as soon as I have a surgery date. I'll share the info here as soon as I have it. My/our dietary restrictions will be included in that as well.
Prayer requests:
Please pray for my family, especially Charlie. We all are handling this differently, but I'm sure you'll all understand the feeling of helplessness he's experiencing through this. He does so much for our family already, but this is different and uncertain.
Please pray for my medical team.
Please pray for my healing. Miraculous and sparing, if it is God's will for me.
Please pray for our family's provision. After this week I will not be able to work and contribute, plus Charlie is missing work in order to be at my appointments with me. A difficult decision when it affects our income, but it is a comfort to me and something he can do ❤
I had asked about a juicer on Facebook today and someone is giving me theirs so I can check that off. ✔  PRAYER ANSWERED!
2 odd things I would like to find for cheap soon are a chest freezer and a recliner chair. If you have either one you're looking to get rid of, let me know.  PRAYERS ANSWERED!

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