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Monday, June 9, 2014

This man

This man...he drives me crazy.
He "forgot" to leave me coffee this morning. I'll get over it.
He can't sit still. I thank God he's not lazy.
He "stole" one of my favorite chores so he could keep busy. I can water my garden tomorrow.
He forgot to eat lunch today. I have to get used to him being home.
He's so grouchy when he's hungry. I should have fed him before he left.
He was restless to get out of the house. He went and did my grocery shopping.
He was still in a bad mood when he got home. But he made us dinner tonight.
He procrastinated about writing a speech for tonight's commitment. He did an awesome job and glorified the Lord.
He apologized for a bad day. I forgave him.
This man...He drives me crazy. Crazy in love with him always.

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