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Monday, June 2, 2014

A storm brewing

I mentioned before that we ended May with a rough week. Now I must explain further.
My husband has, for quite some time now, had a gut feeling that "something was rotten in the state of Denmark" (aka, his workplace). That feeling has only continued to grow,  especially the last year.
Last week, he received a write up that confirmed his suspicions. And that's where things started to unravel.
After that lovely sunshiney weekend we just enjoyed, a storm had moved in. My husband was completely overwhelmed by the stress and anxiety it was causing him and ended up spending the afternoon in urgent care. He couldn't take it anymore.
You move in ways we don't understand. You make plans for us that we could never dream up on our own. You take us down roads that we just wouldn't choose.
But you ALWAYS love us. You ALWAYS are with us. You ALWAYS have good plans for us, to prosper and not harm us.
Thank you.

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